About the Gibro Group

The Gibro Group, established in 1975, is a multi-disciplinary group of companies which specialises in providing high net worth individuals and companies with bespoke trust, corporate, legal, private client and family office services across six wholly owned offices spread across the globe.”
“Our client offering is quite unique and has developed throughout the years, into what is now a dynamic, ever-evolving, client-focused “boutique” brand, internationally regarded for its excellent reputation, standards of integrity and above all, access to a pool of experienced professional advisers always willing to assist and support every client.
Stuart Rodriguez LLB, MA, CEO.
Gibro Team at Office Image

The Gibro Group is the first organisation in Gibraltar offering international corporate, trusts and legal services to be awarded the ISO 9001 international business accreditation for business standards. Through our membership of HLB International we are able to offer our client base exclusive access to professional financial services through one of the largest business networks in the world and member of the Forum of Firms.

Many of our clients are professional intermediaries, banks, licensed financial services providers and High Net-Worth individuals.

A commitment to excellence

The Gibro Group is committed to providing excellence of service to all its clients, through our Gibro Group Code:

We are committed to professionalism and integrity. We are an ethical organization that delivers integrated legal, corporate, trusts, insurance and financial solutions within a continuously evolving legal and commercial market place.

We are proud to hold the ISO 9001 quality standard award, and the mechanisms of our Integrated Quality Management System ensures that every member of our team is committed to establishing objectives for key aspects of service delivery and achieving these.

We will always strive to comply with legislative and client requirements.

We publish our Policy Statement and ensure this is communicated to team practitioners, interested parties and the public.

We carry out regular management reviews and ensure that our performance is measured against specified targets. Our evaluations lead us to ensure a process of continuous performance improvement.

We are committed to observing ethical practices in particular as regards Health and Safety and Environmental best practice, applying solutions appropriate to our business activities and our clients’ expectations.