Discover why Gibraltar’s HEPPS residency is the strategic next step for highly-skilled professionals, including its attractive tax regime , executive relocation support and streamlined immigration.


For accomplished professionals seeking new opportunities, Gibraltar is a hub for innovation and improved career prospects. The High Executive Possessing Specialist Skills (HEPSS) residency scheme is designed to invite individuals with exceptional expertise to live and work in the territory. This residency pathway is famous for its unparalleled tax regime  and dedicated support for top-tier talent. In this guide, we will walk you through the intricacies of acquiring HEPSS status in Gibraltar and showcase the exclusive benefits available.

Why You Should Consider Relocating to Gibraltar

Situated at a thriving intersection between Europe and Africa, Gibraltar's strategic location offers not only stunning Mediterranean views and warmth but also unparalleled access to international markets. The territory has a low-tax environment, making it an attractive destination for high-skilled professionals looking to maximise their earnings and achieve financial stability. The local community is vibrant and diverse, creating a welcoming atmosphere for individuals from all walks of life. Furthermore, Gibraltar commits to recognising and celebrating specialised talents through initiatives like the HEPSS residency scheme, streamlining the moving process and offering numerous other benefits.

How Can HEPSS Benefit You?

1.Unrivaled Tax Benefits

For high-skilled professionals, HEPSS residency offers substantial tax advantages, with worldwide income subject to a reduced tax rate. By optimising your tax position, you gain the freedom to invest your income elsewhere, whether it be on pursuing further education, starting a business, or enhancing your overall lifestyle. Gibraltar's commitment to providing this attractive tax landscape  showcases its dedication to attracting and retaining top-tier talent, safeguarding its position as a global hub for executives seeking professional success.

Specifically, a HEPPS resident enjoys a tax liability limited to the first £160,000 of assessable income under Gibraltar’s Gross Income Based System, as long as you earn more than £160,000 per annum. This approach aims to acknowledge and reward specialised skills in the territory.

2. Specialist Skills Immigration

Under the HEPPS residency scheme, Gibraltar prioritises efficiency by streamlining the paperwork required, making the entire process as seamless as possible. Choosing to relocate to a new country can be daunting and navigating immigration processes can be complex, but under HEPSS your move to Gibraltar becomes relatively hassle-free. The scheme is designed to acknowledge your expertise, ensuring that the immigration process aligns with the unique demands of your high-skilled profession. The process aims to simplify the administrative procedures surrounding the transition, reflecting a commitment to provide a welcoming environment.

In a modern world where borders often pose a significant challenge to movement, Gibraltar stands out as an exception, prioritising specialist skills immigration. The territory understands the benefits of embracing a global workforce and the vital role high-skilled professionals play in shaping its economy.

To obtain residency, you must meet the eligibility criteria, which typically includes possessing perceived specialised skills and a commitment to relocating to Gibraltar. The process involves submitting an application and providing evidence of higher education qualifications and work experience.

3. Executive Relocation Support for a Seamless Transition

Navigating the intricacies of securing HEPPS residency in Gibraltar becomes stress-free, thanks to the large number of specialists on the Rock ready to ensure a seamless application process. Whether you’re in need of legal consultations, relocation support, or tax planning, the in-depth knowledge and experience available to HEPPS individuals is a valuable resource. The access to advice transforms a complex process into a well-supported and confident transition.

How to Obtain HEPPS Residency

1.Consult with Experts to Ensure Eligibility

Acquiring HEPPS residency in Gibraltar is a streamlined process designed to welcome top-tier talent to the territory. Before starting the process, you should consult with a local expert to ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria for the scheme. To be eligible, you must possess a specialised skill listed by the government, and have a commitment to relocating to Gibraltar. It is important that your qualifications and work experience align with the scheme's requirements prior to beginning the process.

2. Complete the Application Forms

Once eligibility is assessed, an application form will need to be filled out and sent off to the relevant authorities. The form involves presenting your case for HEPPS residency, emphasising your specialised skills and the unique value you would bring to the territory.

3. Submit Supporting Documentation

Alongside your application, a comprehensive set of supporting documents need to be prepared and then submitted. These may include educational certificates, professional qualifications, employment history, and any other relevant documentation that demonstrates your highly-skilled expertise.

4. Approval and Relocation

Once approved, you will receive official recognition of your HEPSS status from the authorities. Moving forward involves practical relocation steps, such as finding accommodation, registering with local services, and embracing the local community.

It is also important to note that maintaining ongoing compliance with HEPSS requirements is essential for continued residency, and the local authorities must be informed of any changes relating to the terms.

Your Next Steps for Obtaining HEPPS Residency

The High Executive Possessing Specialist Skills (HEPSS) residency in Gibraltar is the key to sharing your valuable skills within a diverse and supportive community. As you embark on this new professional journey, it is important that you enlist the guidance and advice of local experts. Having the support of a knowledgeable team ensures that your residency process is smooth from beginning to end.

At Gibro, we are committed to providing expert guidance, financial consultation and relocation advice. Embarking on this journey with our support means you're not just relocating but moving seamlessly to a territory that encourages growth and works with you to nurture and develop your unique skills.

Ready to make the move to Gibraltar? Contact our dedicated team today and let us help you along your journey to HEPSS residency. Feel free to reach out to us via email at or phone at +350 200 76222.

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