Gibraltar Launches New Aircraft Register

09 Apr 2024

Gibraltar is poised to bolster its standing in the global aviation sector with the introduction of a new Aircraft Register, a move that aligns with the UK Overseas Territory's broader economic strategy.

The establishment of the Gibraltar Aircraft Register, underpinned by the Civil Aviation Act and the Civil Aviation Authority Act, signifies a major step in Gibraltar's ambition to attract business and investment, particularly within the aviation industry.

Rigorous International Standards

This new initiative is anticipated to generate a fresh revenue stream for Gibraltar, tapping into the profitable aviation market. The creation of the Gibraltar Civil Aviation Authority, an entity distinct from the government, ensures that the registry will adhere to rigorous international standards, enhancing Gibraltar's credibility as a dependable jurisdiction for aircraft registration.

The development holds particular significance for Gibraltar International Airport, boosting its stature and attracting a diverse range of clients seeking to register their aircraft in a jurisdiction recognised for its strict regulatory framework and business-positive environment. Moreover, this initiative is expected to positively impact local enterprises, including those in the wealth management and service sectors, as aircraft owners and operators engage with various local industries.

Register An Aircraft in Gibraltar

For those looking to register an aircraft, Gibraltar presents a compelling proposition, offering the advantages of a transparent, compliant, and strategically positioned registry. This could be particularly appealing to individuals and businesses in the wealth management and aviation sectors, aiming to leverage the opportunities presented by Gibraltar's expanding aviation industry.

In essence, the inauguration of Gibraltar's Aircraft Register represents a strategic endeavour aimed at stimulating the local economy, particularly the business community in Gibraltar, and reinforcing the territory's attractiveness in the international aviation domain. It highlights Gibraltar's commitment to economic diversification and global business engagement, particularly in key sectors like wealth management and aviation.

David Revagliatte
Director of Marketing, Communications and Digital

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