Gibraltar Residency: Cat 2 and HEPPS Explained

29 Nov 2023


Strategically located at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula, Gibraltar attracts expatriates with its unique combination of Mediterranean and British influences. For individuals considering residency, Gibraltar offers a number of straightforward channels, including Cat 2 and HEPPS applications. Meeting the requirements for residency involves specific financial, professional, and personal considerations. In this article, we discuss the best options for those looking to become resident in Gibraltar, offering a detailed look at the necessary qualifications, benefits, and lifestyle considerations involved.

What is Cat 2 Residency?

One of the most popular residency options for expatriates in Gibraltar is the Cat 2 status. Cat 2 residency is designed to attract high-net-worth individuals seeking a favourable tax environment. Under this residency, individuals benefit from a capped annual tax liability, providing financial predictability and transparency. High-net-worth individuals are decided by Gibraltar Finance, with gross assessable income currently capped at £118,000 per annum. As a result, this pathway is attractive for professionals, entrepreneurs, and individuals with large financial portfolios.

Qualifications for Cat 2 Residency

To qualify for Cat 2 residency, applicants must meet the specific criteria set out by Gibraltar Finance. Proof of financial stability is the key qualification to be eligible for Cat 2 certification. Individuals must be able to provide proof of income and of substantial supporting savings, to fund any emergencies without reliance on Gibraltar’s public funds. Additionally, applicants must provide evidence of their residential address in Gibraltar, ensuring a genuine commitment to living in the territory.

What is High Executive Possessing Specialist Skills (HEPPS) Residency?

HEPPS is an alternative route to securing residency in Gibraltar, for individuals with exceptional expertise in particular industries. To qualify for HEPPS, applicants must be able to showcase their specialised skills, demonstrating professional proficiency and strong leadership. Applicants must also be genuinely committed to living in Gibraltar and contributing to both the local community and economy. With the HEPPS scheme, Gibraltar aims to attract individuals who not only bring valuable expertise but also actively contribute to local growth and development.

Qualifications for HEPPS Residency

To qualify for HEPPS residency in Gibraltar, individuals must be able to showcase a significant level of expertise within their field. This evidence of expertise can include a demonstrable track record of professional success, possession of advanced qualifications, or recognition for notable contributions within the industry. In addition, HEPPS applicants must also demonstrate a commitment and willingness to reside in Gibraltar and become an active member of the local community.

Gibraltar Cat 2 and HEPPS Residency Benefits

The primary advantage of Gibraltar’s HEPPS and Cat 2 residency schemes comes from the many tax advantages on offer. In Gibraltar, residents are subject to a favourable capped tax liability scheme, leading to substantial tax savings per annum. This approach to taxation encourages financial efficiency and predictability for high-net-worth individuals living and working within the territory. Paired with the strategic location at the intersection of two continents, capped liability enhances Gibraltar’s appeal as a hub for international business, inspiring new ventures and investment opportunities for growth.

Beyond the financial incentives, living in Gibraltar as a HEPPS or Cat 2 resident offers a unique lifestyle that seamlessly blends both British and Mediterranean influences. The vibrant cultural scene and picturesque landscapes are perfect for individuals seeking a higher quality work life balance. The relaxed atmosphere and vibrant community, combined with the tax advantages and financial predictability, make Gibraltar an ideal residence to work on both lifestyle and financial goals.

Gibraltar Residency Application Process

For individuals considering Cat 2 or HEPPS residency, the application process consists of a number of relevant forms that should be completed and submitted to Gibraltar Finance. Supporting documents are also required, to validate applications and ensure that all information provided is accurate and up to date. These documents typically include proof of financial stability, professional qualifications, and other relevant information, such as a proof of address.

During the application process, seeking guidance from experts well-versed in Gibraltar's residency requirements is recommended. This ensures that applicants are able to follow all necessary protocols, reducing the risk of complications or delays. Local experts are also equipped with the knowledge needed to provide valuable insights into the specific documentation required, facilitating an efficient process from start to finish.

Living in Gibraltar Under Special Residency Categories

Living in Gibraltar under the special residency categories of Cat 2 or HEPPS grants access to a unique lifestyle that blends financial stability and growth with natural beauty and rich culture. The territory’s stunning landscapes and warm Mediterranean climate provide an ideal backdrop for embracing leisure and outdoor living. Similarly, thanks to Gibraltar’s location at the intersection of Europe and Africa, residents can experience a mix of traditions, including delicious local dishes and cultural practices. The territory also hosts a wide variety of events, festivals, and gatherings to create a sense of community among all residents. Gibraltar’s inclusive and diverse nature ensures that individuals from different backgrounds feel welcome, adding to the appeal of residency.


In conclusion, Gibraltar’s Cat 2 and HEPPS residency schemes provide a unique opportunity for expatriates looking for both a favourable tax environment and a high quality of life. The appeal of Gibraltar’s residency lies in the simplicity of the application process and easy access to expert support and advice. Furthermore, the associated benefits make residency in Gibraltar accessible and rewarding. From the favourable tax regimes to the blend of British and Mediterranean culture, Gibraltar offers its residents an unrivalled and unique lifestyle. Expatriates can enjoy getting to know a welcoming community and embracing outdoor living for a greater sense of work life balance. They can also take advantage of the territory’s strategic location, embracing the many business and investment opportunities that arise from both neighbouring continents. This combination of straightforward procedures and appealing business and lifestyle benefits positions Gibraltar as a sought-after destination for expatriates looking to embrace a new way of life.

For expert guidance throughout the Cat 2 or HEPPS application process, you can reach out to our team of dedicated professionals. Contact us via email at or phone at +350 200 76222 to receive tailored assistance that is designed to help you navigate the residency requirements seamlessly.

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