Gibraltar Residency: Your Gateway to a Mediterranean Lifestyle

12 Jun 2024


Gibraltar, a British Overseas Territory bordering Spain, offers its residents a unique blend of Mediterranean lifestyle and UK-influenced legal and regulatory systems. This combination makes it an attractive destination for high net worth individuals and businesses seeking tax optimisation, a streamlined residency application process, and a vibrant environment perfect for work-life balance. In this article, we will explore the benefits of Gibraltar residency, the advantages of its favourable tax regime and the practicalities of relocating from the UK.

Gibraltar Residency and Lifestyle Benefits

Despite its small size of just 2.6 square miles, Gibraltar has a lot to offer its residents, both personally and professionally. Throughout the year, Gibraltar hosts many festivals and events, great for socialising and meeting new people. Furthermore, the many historical landmarks provide endless opportunities for exploration and discovery. From the iconic Rock of Gibraltar to the bustling Main Street, with its popular cafes and shops, Gibraltar caters to a diverse range of interests and preferences.

For UK residents considering a move abroad, Gibraltar is an ideal choice, combining familiarity with fresh opportunities. Gibraltar, being a British Overseas Territory, shares the same legal and regulatory framework as the UK, making the transition to life in Gibraltar smooth and straightforward. This continuity ensures that UK residents can easily adapt to their new surroundings without the complications that often accompany international moves. Moreover, English is the official language in Gibraltar, eliminating language barriers and allowing for an easier integration into the local community and business environment. The educational system also follows the British curriculum, making it an ideal choice for families with school-aged children. The territory also offers a highly favourable tax environment, with significant advantages over the UK, such as the absence of capital gains tax, inheritance tax, and wealth tax. These benefits can lead to substantial financial savings, allowing residents to enjoy a higher standard of living.

Taxation in Gibraltar: What You Need to Know

Taxation in Gibraltar offers substantial benefits that set it apart from many other jurisdictions, particularly the UK. One of the key benefits is the absence of capital gains tax, which is a significant advantage for both investors and businesses. In contrast, the UK imposes capital gains tax rates on profits that can be between 18-24% for property and 10-20% for other assets, depending on the type of asset and your taxpayer status.  Gibraltar's tax structure removes this financial burden, allowing individuals and companies to keep more of their earnings from asset sales and investment returns. Furthermore, Gibraltar does not charge inheritance tax, wealth tax, sales tax, or VAT, making it a highly attractive option for high-net-worth individuals and businesses wanting to minimise their tax liabilities.

The corporate tax environment in Gibraltar is equally beneficial. Gibraltar's corporate tax rate is set at 15%, significantly lower than the UK's 19-25%, dependent on company profits. This lower rate can lead to substantial savings for businesses, enhancing their profitability and enabling greater reinvestment. Additionally, Gibraltar's territorial tax system means that only income earned within Gibraltar is subject to tax, whereas the UK taxes global income for its residents. This difference provides a strategic advantage for businesses with international operations, allowing them to benefit from Gibraltar's favourable tax rates while reducing taxable income.

Gibraltar Business Setup and Corporate Tax

Gibraltar welcomes entrepreneurs and corporations with its enticing business setup opportunities and favourable corporate tax landscape. The territory’s low corporate tax rates make it an attractive destination for those seeking to optimise their financial strategies and maximise profits. Additionally, Gibraltar's efficient corporate services streamline the process of establishing a business, offering a hassle-free experience for entrepreneurs. Whether you're looking to launch a startup or expand your existing operations, Gibraltar provides an ideal environment for growth. The process of company incorporation in Gibraltar is straightforward and backed up by a supportive regulatory framework. From initial registration to ongoing compliance requirements, setting up a business in Gibraltar is made easier with the assistance of knowledgeable professionals. Whether you require legal advice, accounting services, or assistance with regulations, a wide variety of local-led professional services are available.

Moving to Gibraltar from the UK

As a British Overseas Territory, Gibraltar offers a straightforward path for UK citizens, with no need to apply for a residency permit to live and work here. However, you will still need to engage in setting up your new life in Gibraltar. This includes securing housing, which can range from renting a modern apartment in the bustling town centre to purchasing a large family home with stunning views across the Strait of Gibraltar. It is also important to arrange for your personal belongings to be moved securely, using an international moving service experienced in Gibraltar relocations and navigating the post-Brexit border requirements. Additionally, setting up local utilities, banking services, and registering with healthcare providers will be necessary to ensure a seamless transition. Gibraltar offers public and private healthcare options, both of which are run to a high standard. For families, enrolling children in schools that follow the British curriculum is typically a straightforward process, providing continuity in education. Overall, careful planning and utilising available resources and local assistance will make moving to Gibraltar from the UK a stress-free experience.


In conclusion, Gibraltar stands out as an ideal destination for those seeking a blend of Mediterranean lifestyle and familiar UK-based regulatory systems. With its favourable tax regime, streamlined residency process, and vibrant community, the territory offers many advantages for both individuals and businesses. Whether you're planning to relocate from the UK or set up a business, Gibraltar provides a welcoming and supportive environment. For personalised advice and support to make your move to Gibraltar a seamless experience, contact our team of experts at Gibro Group today via phone +350 200 76222 or email

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