Gibro’s 25-year BPCC Milestone

22 Jun 2023

The Gibro Group is proud to announce that it has been recognised for its longstanding relationship with the British Portuguese Chamber of Commerce (BPCC). The company was awarded a special plaque and certificate, marking 25 years of active membership within the BPCC network.

In a ceremony held on Friday, 23rd June, at the Vila Vita's Praia Dourada Restaurant Beach Lounge, Gibro Group's Director of Marketing and Communications, David Revagliatte, accepted the plaque in recognition of the group's significant commitment to the Chamber and developing business in Portugal. The accolade is rare, underscoring the exceptional resilience and strength demonstrated by Gibro in maintaining this alliance over two and a half decades.

Chris Barton, CEO of the BPCC, commended the resilience of Gibro, noting, "With companies being created every day and a similar number closing at the same rate, it is encouraging to see that some companies have been able to survive and thrive during these past two and half decades of turmoil. Gibro’s resilience throughout this period is a testament to its ability to adapt and continue to provide exceptional service to its clients against an ever-changing economic backdrop. We are therefore immensely proud that they have shared their journey with the BPCC for these past 25 years, and we wish to mark this milestone in recognition of their ongoing loyalty by the presentation of this commemorative diploma and plaque. Thank you, and we sincerely hope to make more similar presentations to other Members in the Algarve in the coming years.”

Gibro Group's CEO, Stuart Rodriguez, reflected on this significant milestone: "Our 25-year partnership with the BPCC is a testament to our shared commitment to developing business links in Portugal. We are honoured by this recognition and look forward to our continued collaboration as we navigate the future together. We extend our gratitude to our clients, our intermediaries and our dedicated team, without whom this achievement would not be possible."

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