Purchasing property and other assets through offshore companies is an attractive solution for many due to the financial and fiscal advantages it may offer the buyer. However, the use of offshore company structures, particularly those domiciled in grey or black-listed jurisdictions, has been a cause of concern for regulatory authorities due to the associated risks and implications.

At the Gibro Group, we understand the risks and implications of holding assets, including property, in companies domiciled in grey or blacklisted jurisdictions.

Grey and blacklisted jurisdictions are territories identified as having weak or non-existent regulatory frameworks, making them attractive for money laundering, tax evasion, and other illicit activities. 

Companies with links to these territories could face higher fees, more regulatory scrutiny and potential sanctions. 

Attention Portuguese Property Owners  

The allure of Portugal’s picturesque landscapes, warm climate, and rich cultural heritage has long attracted expat property owners.

For many years, purchasing property through a limited company has been a popular choice because it offers advantages such as limited liability, tax efficiencies, and the ability to protect personal assets.

While offshore structures can provide certain benefits, those holding Portuguese property assets companies connected to grey-listed or blacklisted offshore jurisdictions face significant risks and challenges.

Expert service

Our re-domiciliation service is designed to help you mitigate these risks and enjoy the benefits of operating in a whitelisted jurisdiction.

Our company re-domiciliation service involves the process of moving your company and assets (including property) from high-risk jurisdictions to more secure and stable environments.

Our team of experts will guide you through every step of the process, ensuring a seamless transition and providing you with peace of mind.


Gibro Group addresses concerns of regulatory authorities by providing re-domiciliation services that transfer assets from companies in grey or blacklisted jurisdictions to those with robust regulatory compliance. This mitigates the risks and implications associated with holding assets in less regulated territories and aligns with global regulatory standards

Purchasing property through offshore companies can offer advantages such as tax efficiency and privacy. Gibro Group manages the associated risks by ensuring that these offshore structures comply with international regulatory requirements, thereby preserving the fiscal benefits while maintaining legal integrity​

Grey and blacklisted jurisdictions are labeled as such due to inadequate regulatory measures, posing risks like money laundering. Gibro Group assists companies linked to these territories by advising on the legal and regulatory framework to manage the risk of higher fees, increased regulatory scrutiny, and potential sanctions​

Gibro Group’s re-domiciliation service benefits property owners in Portugal by transferring their assets from high-risk jurisdictions to more stable ones. This is particularly advantageous for those with offshore structures connected to grey or blacklisted territories, helping to secure their assets and align with regulatory expectations

The expert team at Gibro Group assists clients throughout the re-domiciliation process with comprehensive support, from initial assessment to the final transition. They ensure that the re-domiciliation is executed smoothly, providing clients with the assurance that their transition is compliant and secure​

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