The fintech sector moves fast. Our highly responsive, specialist team of lawyers, bankers, accountants and financiers can advise on all aspects of Blockchain, Token Sales (Initial Coin Offerings), DLT, Cryptocurrency and new technologies. We can also support you through the entire licensing application process.

The Gibraltar Financial Services Commission has focused firmly on business and its approach flexible, making Gibraltar a market leader in the regulation of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). Since the launch of the regulations in 2018, our team has built an unrivalled understanding of Gibraltar’s DLT regulatory framework.


Gibro Group's specialist team, which includes lawyers, bankers, accountants, and financiers, assists clients in navigating the rapidly evolving fintech sector. They offer advisory services on all aspects of fintech, including blockchain, token sales, DLT, and cryptocurrency, responding quickly to the sector's changes​

The advisory services provided by Gibro Group on blockchain, token sales, and cryptocurrency cover a comprehensive range of needs. This includes understanding the legal, financial, and regulatory implications of engaging in these areas, as well as strategic planning for Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and navigating the complexities of new technologies

Gibro Group supports clients through the entire licensing application process in fintech by advising on the requirements and compliance with the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (GFSC). They help clients understand and navigate the application process, ensuring they meet the necessary criteria for successful licensing

Gibraltar has established itself as a market leader in DLT regulation due to its flexible, business-focused approach and the early adoption of specific DLT regulations. The GFSC's forward-thinking stance has made Gibraltar an attractive jurisdiction for fintech businesses​

Since the launch of DLT regulations in 2018, Gibro Group has developed an unrivaled understanding of Gibraltar's regulatory framework by actively engaging with the regulatory process. Their close work with the GFSC, combined with their involvement in driving DLT licensing applications, has equipped them with in-depth knowledge and experience, placing them at the forefront of the sector​

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