Whatever you need and whatever your operational requirements, our expert team can set up different types of funds, both in Gibraltar and in several reputable jurisdictions across the world.

We tailor our services to optimize our clients’ operational requirements and apply a firm framework for the control, reporting and management of their portfolio of funds.

It is our independence and our emphasis on accuracy, control and integrity that provides a stable foundation for building strong relationships with our clients who are able to entrust to us the administration of their funds and their investment strategies.


Gibro Group's expert team provides comprehensive assistance in establishing a variety of funds, adapting to clients' specific operational needs across the globe. They offer a strategic approach that encompasses local compliance and global investment opportunities.

Beyond Gibraltar, Gibro Group operates in numerous jurisdictions, leveraging their extensive network to help clients establish funds in locations that align with their strategic objectives and regulatory preferences.

Gibro Group’s services are precisely tailored to enhance operational efficiency, ensuring that fund management aligns with clients' bespoke requirements and investment goals for optimal fund performance.

The firm implements a robust framework for the control, reporting, and management of fund portfolios, combining meticulous attention to detail with strategic oversight to maximize fund integrity and investor confidence.

Gibro Group’s commitment to accuracy and control in fund administration underpins their ability to forge enduring relationships with clients, fostering trust and confidence in their investment strategies.

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