Sophisticated Estate Planning Solutions

With our expertise in tax planning and deep understanding of legal frameworks, Gibro Group provides a personally tailored, confidential approach to family succession planning.

Our Gibraltar Trust services offer efficient solutions for probate problems and facilitate continuity of management and advice to beneficiaries. Our team also ensures compliance with local laws, making discretionary trusts an efficient way to protect and manage your wealth.

Why Choose Gibro's Trust Services?

Additional Professional Services

Why Choose Gibro's Trust Services?

Gibro Group offers specialised trust services governed by Gibraltar's legal system, based on English common law and equity. Our expert team, operating under Gibraltar Trustees Limited, is fully licensed and ensures compliance with Gibraltar’s robust regulatory system.

Our Gibraltar Trust Services include:

  • Multi-jurisdictional service: We can set up and manage international trusts and corporate structures worldwide. We operate in the most reputable jurisdictions and ensure compliance with all local legal obligations.

  • Comprehensive Trust Services: Expertise in setting up and administering trusts, ensuring confidentiality and privacy for asset management.

  • Discretionary Trusts: Flexibility to appoint additional beneficiaries, catering to future eventualities with assured confidentiality.
  • Tailored Advice for Individual Needs: Personalised consultations to determine the suitability of trusts for protecting assets against political risk or other uncertainties.
  • Tax Efficiency Planning: Utilising trusts for tax efficiencies, especially for non-residents of Gibraltar.
  • Family Succession Planning: Sophisticated solutions for financial provisions for families, both during the settlor’s lifetime and after their death.
  • Probate Solutions: Efficient handling of probate issues upon the settlor's death, with assets held in the name of trustees.

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Additional Gibro Group Services

In addition to our Gibraltar Trust-related services, our independent, associated businesses offer a range of ancillary services tailored to your commercial requirements.

  • Accountancy: Comprehensive accountancy services to manage and streamline your financial records, ensuring accuracy and compliance with the latest financial regulations.
  • Tax Planning: Strategic tax planning services to optimise your financial efficiency, minimise liability, and ensure compliance with local and international tax laws.
  • Payroll Services: Efficient and reliable payroll management ensures accurate and timely payment processing and employment and tax regulations compliance.
  • Corporate Services: Whether setting up a new company or managing an existing one, our team is committed to providing the support and guidance you need for successful business operations. 

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Gibraltar Trusts: Sophisticated Estate Planning

Setting up a Gibraltar Trust offers confidentiality, tax efficiency, and flexibility. Benefiting from Gibraltar's legal system based on English common law, these trusts ensure privacy in asset management, are ideal for family succession planning, and exempt non-residents from local income tax on gains, making them a sophisticated estate planning tool.

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