Planning for what will happen once you’re gone can be complicated. Our experienced team of legal and tax experts will work alongside you to develop bespoke and comprehensive solutions to what is one of life’s biggest challenges.

We are independent, discreet and sensitive to your needs and help you formulate effective plans for your successors. We operate in several reputable jurisdictions worldwide, and our in-depth understanding of international tax and legal structures enables us to secure the most effective outcomes.

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Specialist Inheritance and Succession Planning services:


The Gibro Group provides expert support in drafting wills, ensuring that clients' wishes are clearly articulated and legally sound for the seamless transfer of their legacy. Their experienced team works closely with clients to develop bespoke solutions, sensitive to the individual needs and complexities that arise in life’s planning for succession

Gibro Group offers expertise in cross-jurisdictional probate, which is crucial for the seamless execution of succession plans, especially for clients with assets in multiple countries. They bring an in-depth understanding of international tax and legal structures to secure effective outcomes, helping to streamline the probate process across different legal systems​

In the context of inheritance and succession planning, Gibro Group provides tax advice and strategies designed to protect beneficiaries' assets. This includes tailoring advice to mitigate potential tax implications and ensuring the assets are managed and transferred in the most tax-efficient manner possible​

Gibro Group's Inheritance and Succession Planning services are customised to address the specific needs and concerns of individual clients, ensuring plans reflect their personal circumstances, objectives, and legal requirements. This approach allows for a deeply personal and effective strategy for asset distribution and the care of successors​

While specific case studies or examples of successful outcomes from Gibro Group's Inheritance and Succession Planning services are not publicly detailed, their long-standing reputation and personalized service approach indicate a track record of effectively managing complex estate planning scenarios. Clients are encouraged to reach out to Gibro Group for detailed discussions and references to past successes​

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