We have extensive knowledge of shipping and yachting. Our dedicated team of experts liaise with appropriate maritime bodies and deliver a holistic, highly personalised service. We deliver professional services to owners, brokers and yacht managers across several jurisdictions and can support you from choosing the right vessel to its ongoing management.

We offer a range of international marine and yachting services, including registration, acquisition and ownership structures. 

Our experts ensure global support for yacht and ship owners and their crews with employment structures, regulatory advice, and strong corporate and vessel governance.

We find the best flag option for your vessel and our maritime services facilitate the registration of charter yachts and super yachts, as well as ships and commercial vessels.

In addition to specialist marine services, our associated businesses offer a range of ancillary services, including:

  • Private and Commercial Law
  • Crew administration and Payroll
  • Tax and Accounting
  • Residency Services
  • Trust and Company Management
  • Family Office
  • Safe Deposit Boxes

Our yachting and shipping service includes:

Having a yacht offers freedom, enjoyment and a way to escape modern pressures. Owning a vessel, however, comes with many responsibilities and there’s a lot to consider before making a purchase.


Choosing the right vessel

Gibro’s knowledge of the recreational boat market means we can guide you throughout your search by providing a steer as and when required.  

Choosing the best ownership structure

Purchasing a vessel can expose you to taxes and other charges. Our experts work with you to find the most effective ownership structure and minimise your exposure to certain levies.

Selling a yacht

Transferring the ownership of an existing vessel can lead to costly delays. We can handle the sale of an existing vessel for you efficiently, and stress-free.

We establish the right charter structure and facilitate tax-efficient ownership and administration for private vessels to charter to third parties, helping clients to obtain optimum returns on their investment.

Choosing the right Port of Registry for your needs is crucial. Different flags mean different rules and obligations, which can directly influence requirements, taxes and overall enjoyment of your yacht.

As an important maritime hub, Gibraltar is an attractive jurisdiction for the registration of yachts, which are registered under the British Flag and fly the Red Ensign. The Red Ensign is recognised globally for maintaining high standards, maritime safety and seafarers' welfare.

Benefits of registering a vessel in Gibraltar

  • Quick registration process

Registering a yacht in Gibraltar is fast when compared to other jurisdictions.

  • Tax Efficient solution

Gibraltar is a low-tax jurisdiction, and there are certain benefits to registering your vessel in Gibraltar.

  • British flag registration

As a British Overseas Territory, yachts registered in Gibraltar carry the British flag and fly the red ensign.

  • Access to a wide range of additional services

Gibraltar is an internationally recognised financial centre which provides access to high quality services and advice.

Gibraltar maritime law is based on English maritime law and practice and this, as well as its geographical location, makes Gibraltar one of the world’s foremost jurisdictions for ship arrests. Our expert shipping lawyers offer a prompt, responsive service and provide advice, co-ordinate the collation of necessary documentation, effect arrests and proceed to sale of the vessel if required.

Many responsibilities come with the management of a vessel. Gibro’s Family Office service can take over the day-to-day management of your yacht so that you don’t have to.  As well as the peace of mind that comes with knowing every important detail is covered, we update you on any obligations and provide additional services including:

Accounting and payroll
Insurance for both vessel and crew
Accounting and Reporting
Tax compliance
Managing bank accounts
General administrative and day-to-day support

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