We understand that your needs and aspirations are unique. Our international team of experts are here to support your requirements by administering and managing your wealth and assets.

Our highly personalised, expert approach combines independence with objectivity to deliver effective solutions, including the management of business interests and the more traditional, individualised private client services.

We prioritise creating and nurturing strong relationships, and our proven experience over forty years means we can take long-term perspectives on personal and family wealth.

Private Client Services:

Creating a pathway for continuing prosperity often starts with deciding on the most appropriate location for residency for private clients. Our years of experience in finding strong wealth management solutions for clients and our international reach enables us to work within a number of jurisdictions to obtain appropriate residency and domiciliary status for clients that include High Net Worth Individuals.

Our services include obtaining residency status, transferring assets, taxes, permits, property, domiciling of corporate vehicles and the setting up of trusts.

Our team of fiscal experts is perfectly placed to provide tailored tax planning to each of our private clients. We know that each client’s circumstances are unique and that these will change over a course of time. We establish firm, long lasting relationships that benefit our clients with continuity of tax planning that takes into account changes in legislation and regulation. We have expertise in a number of specialisms within several reputable jurisdictions, which means that we can advise on specialisms such as Category 2 status.

Our skilled experts not only execute all the traditional duties of trustees, they also focus their talents on each individual client’s particular circumstances so as to structure the best possible trust vehicle for that client’s needs, from discretionary trusts to a fixed interest trust and more. We are especially well versed in creating mixed trusts so that the best possible combinations are created to the benefit of our clients.

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