Based in Portugal’s Algarve region, our dedicated property professionals provide in-country expertise that provides you with direct access to this popular real estate market.

We support a wide variety of real estate structures that own property assets directly or indirectly. We have the skills within our team to ensure that these entities are well-serviced while being managed with the required level of corporate governance.

Our property ownership services in Portugal include:

Our independent experts assist clients in sourcing, negotiating and managing strong relationships with major institutions in order to secure continuing access to all aspects of real estate finance.

Assisting lawyers with all necessary formalities in respect of purchases and sales (Please note that this does not include the provision of local advice).

Our accounting experts work with clients along the entire lifespan of a development, from financial modeling and planning in order to inform decision-making through to ongoing budgeting, cash flow management and financial forecasting for redevelopment, refurbishment and further investments.


Gibro Group facilitates property finance or refinancing for clients looking to invest in Portugal by sourcing, negotiating, and managing relationships with major financial institutions. Their in-country experts in the Algarve region provide clients with direct access to the real estate market, ensuring that property financing is aligned with the client's investment strategies and financial goals​

In the purchase and sale of real estate in Portugal, Gibro Group provides comprehensive support by assisting with all necessary formalities. They ensure that the real estate structures owning property assets are well-serviced and adhere to the required level of corporate governance, although they note that this does not include the provision of local legal advice​

For real estate accounting in Portugal, Gibro Group's accounting experts work with clients through the entire lifespan of a development. This includes financial modeling and planning to inform decision-making, budgeting, cash flow management, and financial forecasting for redevelopment, refurbishment, and further investments

Gibro Group assists clients in navigating the legal and regulatory landscape of property ownership in Portugal by providing fiscal representation services. They act as a direct link between the client and the Portuguese Tax Office, ensuring that tax affairs are compliant and effectively managed, keeping clients informed of legal changes that may affect them​

To buy and own property in Portugal or Gibraltar, Gibro Group offers services including arranging finance or refinance, facilitating the purchase and sale, providing real estate accounting, and ensuring clients have the correct fiscal representation. They also guide clients in compliance with the legal and regulatory frameworks specific to each country, offering peace of mind and minimizing risks associated with property ownership​

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