Gibraltar’s low tax regime and Mediterranean lifestyle make Gibraltar an attractive base for those wishing to relocate abroad. This guide provides information on the British Overseas Territory and outlines some residency options available to companies and individuals.

Through its fully independent associated businesses, the Gibro Group provides residency services, including transferring assets, taxes, permits, property, domiciling of corporate vehicles and the setting up of trusts.

Our residency services include:

  • Obtaining residency status
  • Obtaining passports, permits and other documentation for our clients and their families
  • Re-domiciling corporate vehicles
  • Transfer of assets
  • High Net Worth Individual status
  • Setting up of trusts
  • Appointment of dedicated representative
  • Tax compliance and planning services
  • Property search introductions
  • Full range of private and commercial legal services

Working fast and with discretion, our specialist teams will support you throughout your residency application and manage everything for you.


Gibro Group offers comprehensive residency services in Gibraltar, including advice on and assistance with obtaining residency status, re-domiciling, and Category 2 applications for High Net Worth Individuals. These services are tailored to both individuals and companies looking to relocate or establish a presence in Gibraltar​

Gibro Group can facilitate the transfer of assets for residency purposes by providing strategic tax planning and legal advice, ensuring the process aligns with clients' broader wealth management goals and residency planning objectives​

Through Gibro Group, clients can obtain necessary passports, permits, and documentation for residency in Gibraltar, with the firm offering a seamless service that includes application preparation and liaising with local authorities​

Gibro Group assists clients in the re-domiciling of corporate vehicles by leveraging their expertise in corporate law to navigate the complexities of international regulations and facilitate a smooth transition to new jurisdictions

The process of obtaining High Net Worth Individual status with Gibro Group involves meeting specific criteria set by the Government of Gibraltar, including asset verification, property requirements, and private medical insurance, all of which Gibro Group can assist with through their tailored services​

Gibro Group provides services for setting up various types of trusts as part of residency planning, ensuring that they are structured correctly to meet the specific needs and circumstances of the Settlor for effective wealth and estate management​

Gibro Group ensures the fast and discreet processing of residency applications by offering end-to-end support, from initial advice and documentation to final submissions and follow-ups, emphasizing confidentiality and efficiency throughout the process​

The full range of private and commercial legal services offered by Gibro Group includes trust and company management, commercial law, marine and aviation services, wills and probate, and comprehensive legal support for business transactions and individual needs​

While specific property search services for residency purposes are not detailed, Gibro Group's expertise in international property acquisition suggests they can assist clients in finding and securing appropriate properties as part of their move to Gibraltar

Gibro Group's tax compliance and planning services for residency include strategic advice on tax liabilities, efficient tax structures, and ensuring compliance with local and international tax laws, tailored to the residency goals of their clients​

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