Our safe deposit boxes offer confidential and secure storage of key documents such as Wills, Deeds, investment documents, share certificates, lists of assets, insurance certificates and many more.

Our robust, accountable procedures allow us to look after your valuable documents for as long as needed. Our safe deposit boxes are situated in our own World War II "Bunker" and expertly administered for maximum security and complete reliability.

Our safe deposit box service includes:

We issue only one copy of a unique key for each Safe Deposit box and only you will have the key.

You can access your Safe Deposit Box completely at your convenience, 365 days in the year, with unlimited access during office working hours. We have even added a Safe Deposit viewing room for added convenience to customers.

This service is only available to Gibro Group customers aged over 18.


Gibro Group's safe deposit box service provides secure and confidential storage for valuable items like wills, deeds, and investment documents. They utilize robust procedures and their secure facility is housed within a World War II bunker for enhanced security.

Confidentiality is a priority for Gibro Group when offering safe deposit box facilities, ensuring that clients' valuable items and documents are stored discretely and securely.

Clients have ease of access to their safe deposit boxes at Gibro Group, with the facility available every day of the year during office hours, and a viewing room is also available for customer convenience.

The exclusivity of Gibro Group's safe deposit box facilities is highlighted by the service being available only to Gibro Group customers who are over 18 years of age, ensuring a dedicated and private experience.

The safe deposit box service is part of Gibro Group's commitment to providing comprehensive and secure solutions, aligning with their wider range of professional and personalized services for clients' various needs.

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