Spanish legal services are provided by Gibro Abogados. 

Founded in 1996, its professional team of Spanish qualified lawyers is there to help you navigate the complexities of the Spanish legal system and support you with the sale and purchase of properties. Whether you’re an internationally-based business in need of commercial law services or require support on a more personal matter, their proven expertise is there for you.

Services by Gibro Abogados:

Our expert knowledge of the Spanish legal system means that we can help clients to successfully plan and complete their property projects, from assisting with the planning process, helping to apply for and obtain funding, construction, short and long term rentals and sales. Our professionals have an in-depth knowledge of the Spanish banking and finance system and can help clients with evaluating property proposals and approaching banks and other funders when applying for a mortgage.

Whether you wish to buy your dream home or whether you seek to develop a property portfolio, the Gibro Group is ideally placed to provide all the expert legal support you will need throughout the process.

Our accounting experts apply their in-depth knowledge of Spanish finance law and regulations to help both commercial and private clients make the most efficient use of their money.

Our Spanish legal team provides a comprehensive service as fiscal representatives for non-resident owners of property in Spain, or for individuals or companies who require a fiscal representative. We ensure professional and accurate representation to the local and national taxation authorities, facilitating for you the benefits of Spanish property ownership through a variety of structures while absorbing the responsibilities and complexities of ensuring compliance with regulations on your behalf.

We provide experienced professionals who can help clients to set up a business in Spain, ensuring that the business meets all the necessary regulatory requirements. We also support our business clients to administer and run their business, helping them to ensure compliance and to manage their business finances.

As international tax experts, and with the benefit of a base in Spain, our knowledgeable finance professionals offer guidance on all aspects of personal or corporate taxation. For personal clients, we provide expert guidance on taxation as residents and as non-residents based on the circumstances of individuals.

We are highly experienced in cross-border as well as national transactions and provide advice on foreign off-shore investments as well as on investments into and within Spain.

From large multinationals to small private businesses, our experts provide practical support and advice on all aspects of Spanish commercial law, business activities and transactions.

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