John Caetano FICA

Trust Director

John joined the Gibro Group in 2015. He is a Director of the licensed companies of the Gibro Group and is the Head of the Fiduciary division. He was previously a director of the trust company and the Compliance Officer of a leading international accounting firm and was responsible for a large portfolio of trusts with a strong nexus to the sub-Saharan African region and more closely to South Africa. He has over 18 years’ experience in the management and administration of family trusts and company structures with a broad geographical scope.

He holds a diploma in International Compliance and is a Fellow member of the International Compliance Association in the UK (FICA). John is also the Anti Money Laundering Reporting Officer of the Gibro Group.

John received an Honours Degree in Psychology in 1998. Before returning to Gibraltar in 2002 John worked on research projects in the field of Psychology and Oncology. John is also a personal Trustee of a local charity in Gibraltar, The Action Aid Gibraltar Group.

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