Gibraltar's Tax Experts

As a UK Overseas Territory, Gibraltar's highly-regarded tax environment provides a host of benefits for both individuals and corporations. From a tax planning perspective, Gibraltar's robust regulatory framework presents ideal opportunities for effective tax structuring. 

Through its fully independent associated businesses, the Gibro Group provides tax services, including transferring assets, taxes, permits, property, domiciling of corporate vehicles and the setting up of trusts.

Expert Gibraltar Tax Advice

At Gibro Group, we provide unrivalled expertise in Gibraltar tax planning and structuring.

Our clients, whether corporate or personal, can leverage the advantages of the Gibraltar Tax system, which includes no wealth tax, no inheritance tax, no capital gains tax, and, notably, no VAT. As a specialist finance centre with offshore capabilities, Gibraltar presents substantial opportunities to maximise tax efficiency through various planning structures.

Our membership of HLB - a global network of independent advisory and accounting firms - provides a foundation for our experienced tax experts to apply their skills to identify the most efficient solutions.

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Gibraltar Corporate Tax

Gibraltar has a flat corporate tax rate of 12.5%. In addition to the low corporate tax base rate, there are many other tax advantages to relocating to or setting up a new business in Gibraltar. These include:

  • 12.5% Corporate Tax Rate
  • UK-based laws and regulatory environment
  • No Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • No Inheritance or Capital Gains Taxes

Regardless of the industry, this consistency in tax structure offers financial predictability and competitive benefits, potentially fostering business expansion and profitability.

No capital gains tax is applicable, which can lead to considerable savings for businesses. In addition to these fiscal benefits, Gibraltar has a highly skilled workforce that adds value to companies operating in the region. Its state-of-the-art telecommunications infrastructure ensures robust connectivity. The presence of an international airport ensures strong global transport links, facilitating international trade and collaboration.

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Personal Tax in Gibraltar

Moving your tax residency to Gibraltar can prove an efficient way to manage your finances. As well as enjoying the benefits of a warmer climate and the familiarity of living in a British Overseas Territory, Gibraltar’s fiscal structure makes tax residency in Gibraltar an attractive option partly due to no capital gains, gift or wealth taxes.

Category 2 (sometimes abbreviated to Cat 2), is the term given to Gibraltar’s specialist fiscal regime for High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) whose net assets total a verifiable minimum of £2m.


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Multijurisdictional Tax Planning

Whether you’re running a complex corporate structure or require advice for more personal transactions, we can help you build effective tax strategies that achieve sustainable results.

Even the most minor changes at the jurisdictional level can significantly impact your prosperity and growth in a global landscape. The Gibro Group operates in reputable jurisdictions including Portugal, Malta and Delaware.

Our membership in the HLB Global Advisory International network provides a foundation for our experienced tax experts to apply their skills to identify the most efficient tax solutions.

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Private Client and Family Office Solutions

Each family is unique. That’s why we have developed a bespoke range of personalised family office services that respond to your needs and help you make those far-reaching financial decisions.

Our highly-skilled, experienced advisors and wealth administrators will work alongside you and your family to offer a discreet and flexible service that aligns with your goals, even if these change over time.

We build our relationships on clear communication and firm trust and apply a holistic approach tailored to your needs.

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Trust and Corporate Services

Trusts are a sophisticated tool for estate planning and, in Gibraltar, are governed by a legal system based on English common law and equity.

We offer a specialised trust service through our licensed and regulated operation in Gibraltar. With client requirements always in focus, we can advise on the suitability of Trusts to meet their individual needs, for example, to protect assets from political risk or from local government agencies or authorities that may have the power to freeze or expropriate assets of citizens or residents of that country.

We are skilled tax planners and are able to use our expertise in establishing and administering Trusts to provide our clients with tax efficiencies: Trusts established by non-residents of Gibraltar exclusively for the benefit of non-residents of Gibraltar are exempt from income tax on any gains or profits in Gibraltar made by the Trust, even if the Trustees are resident in Gibraltar.

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Trust the Gibro Group for Expert Tax Services in Gibraltar

With our unrivalled expertise and extensive experience in assisting individuals, businesses, and charitable organisations, Gibro Group is the trusted partner for all your tax planning and structuring needs in Gibraltar. Contact us today to unlock the full potential of Gibraltar's tax advantages while ensuring compliance and efficiency.


Gibraltar's tax environment offers significant benefits due to its low corporate tax rate of 12.5% and the absence of capital gains tax, inheritance tax, and VAT. These aspects are advantageous for both individuals and corporations, promoting a business-friendly atmosphere that can enhance profitability and personal wealth management​

The robust regulatory framework of Gibraltar provides a secure and transparent environment for tax structuring. This framework helps businesses and individuals ensure compliance while benefiting from the jurisdiction's favorable tax policies​

Gibro Group offers comprehensive tax services, including guidance on asset transfers for both individuals and corporations. They provide strategic tax planning to optimize financial efficiency and align with clients' investment goals​

The Group's specific expertise in Gibraltar tax planning includes advising on the jurisdiction's unique tax laws, helping clients leverage the benefits of the tax regime, and structuring their affairs for tax efficiency​

Gibraltar's competitive corporate tax rate of 12.5% is one of the lowest in Europe, offering businesses a significant advantage in terms of reduced tax liability, which can be particularly beneficial for increasing net profits and reinvestment opportunities

Gibraltar's flat corporate tax rate of 12.5%, coupled with other incentives such as no tax on dividends to non-residents, provides substantial financial advantages for businesses. This competitive tax structure can lead to cost savings and an improved bottom line for companies operating within the jurisdiction

Moving tax residency to Gibraltar can serve as an effective financial management strategy due to the territory's favorable tax regime. This can lead to tax savings for individuals and companies and offer a more advantageous financial position​

Cat 2 is a specialist fiscal regime in Gibraltar for High Net Worth Individuals, offering a capped tax liability on worldwide income with certain minimums. It provides tax certainty and is designed to attract affluent individuals to establish tax residency in Gibraltar​

Gibro Group's multijurisdictional tax planning services are designed to address the complexities of tax laws across various jurisdictions, including Portugal, Malta, and Delaware. Their expertise allows them to offer bespoke advice that maximizes tax efficiencies across different regulatory landscapes​

Gibro Group's bespoke family office services include personalized financial decision-making and estate planning. They provide wealth management solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of affluent families, assisting with the structuring of assets, succession planning, and the overall preservation and growth of family wealth​

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